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Monday Morning Matters


Or Monday Afternoon Matters as this post is slightly late!

Hello everyone and welcome to a new week. I hope you all had a great weekend and got up to lots of exciting things!

I was on my hen do this weekend and had the best time. A day and night at a spa hotel in Sheffield with my friends , a fantastic back massage and lots of time in the steam room, sauna and pool followed by a lovely three course meal, lots of chats, a good night’s sleep and a fry up the next day. So relaxing and really good fun – especially the cupcakes one of my bridesmaids brought with her that heavily featured my fiance’s face!

Hen do cupcakes

This was my reaction when I saw the cakes with Wayne's face all over them for the first time

This was my reaction when I saw the cakes with Wayne’s face all over them for the first time!

The hotel we were staying at was the Mercure Sheffield St Pauls Hotel and Spa which was right in the centre of Sheffield and joined on to the famous Winter Gardens. This was pretty cool for me, as a bit of a sport geek, this is where the BBC film stuff when the World Snooker Championships are held at the nearby Crucible and I had always wanted to go. It’s a really impressive structure.

Sheffield's Winter Gardens

Sheffield’s Winter Gardens

I was really impressed with Sheffield in fact. I had never really been before and the city centre is lovely. There are so many pretty water features, fountains and mosaics dotted around – at least in the area where we were – which made it a lovely place to walk around on a crisp winter’s day.


It was so nice to go and spend some quality, relaxing time with my friends. I had some problems with some girls (who turned out to be anything but true friends) this time last year which upset me a lot, and I did feel a bit weird and emotional about having people want to spend a weekend doing something to celebrate with me. I just really appreciate the people who care and was touched that they care too.

Ah, there I go getting all soppy so I will stop! So what did you get up to at the weekend? I MUST get on with my granny square blanket this week. Maybe I can start tomorrow after I pick up my wedding dress (eek!) and have my wedding hair trial?

Kate x


Author: Kate

Editor of craft and lifestyle inspiration site Beak Up Crafts.

3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Matters

  1. What a great weekend! The cupcakes are so funny . . .

  2. I like the pictures on the cup cakes. I never thought of doing that. My grandkids would love that. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Brilliant weekend photos, how great to spend time with friends to celebrate your up coming nuptials 🙂 the cupcakes are MEGA lol

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