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Time to Stop Being a Square


When I’m learning something new I want to try as many things as possible, all at once. This generally means a few projects tend to fall by the wayside and remain unfinished. Is it just me or are you like that too?

When I first picked up a crochet hook and some wool in the autumn of 2012 I started, as probably most people do, making granny squares. I found making them really addictive as they got me familiar with using the hook, how to work with the wool and I could make them fairly quickly.

Granny squares

Except then I was bought a book on how to make amigurumi, so I ditched the granny squares and started making cute little animals instead.

The piles of woolly little squares were consigned to a draw and there they have stayed – until now. I think it’s about time I have a go at joining them together.

I’m a bit nervous about doing this (as I’ve never done it before) which is another reason why I never did it at the time.

So now, more than a year on, I’m on the lookout for an easy and foolproof way to join my little squares together and make a nice little baby blanket. Any top tips anyone please?

Hopefully I will be able to give you an update with the full stitched-together blanket soon…

Kate x


Author: Kate

Editor of craft and lifestyle inspiration site Beak Up Crafts.

6 thoughts on “Time to Stop Being a Square

  1. I just read another blog post where the blogger said she learned to connect granny squares from this post: No idea if it’ll help but take a look!

  2. I second the vote for Attic24. And Youtube is your friend…

  3. Attic 24 seems to have an excellent method. If you want to be bothered, or if you have enough yarn, you can crochet a common colour border round each square and then hand stitch the squares together.

  4. Thanks for the replies! I have looked at Attic 24’s method and it looks pretty easy after all of that! I think I might add a border to each square then use that method to tie them all together. When I get time is! I don’t seem to have any free time at the moment for crafting 😦

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