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Crochet Bird Cake toppers (Two Little Birds)


I’ve had it in my head for a good few months now that I would like to have a go at making two cute little crochet birds to sit on the top of mine and Wayne’s wedding cake.

The only problem – finding a crochet pattern for birds that look *right*

I didn’t want them to be big but they needed to be able to stand up on their own, look like birds and be cute!

After a lot of research (looking at loads of pictures on Pinterest!) I decided to make two of these little birds, as they are small enough to fit on the top of a cake and can stand up on their own.

I did try to make one of the birds which has a more realistic shape (the blue and white one in the picture above) but it ended up being a bit big, so two together wouldn’t have worked.

Here’s the finished result of my second attempt . What do you think?

They didn’t take that long to do and I’m really pleased with them. Hopefully they will perch with pride on the top of our wedding cake. Speaking of which, I had a chat with my mother-in-law to be about the cake last week (as she has kindly offered to make it for us). All very exciting. I think we’re going to have a two-tiered sponge with pale blue icing decorated with white and yellow flowers – and now the two little birds.

Did you make your own cake topper? Would love to see some pictures!

I might start working on some of my own crochet patterns. It would be nice to be able to create something of my own and then share it. Thinking cap on then….!

Kate x


Author: Kate

Editor of craft and lifestyle inspiration site Beak Up Crafts.

7 thoughts on “Crochet Bird Cake toppers (Two Little Birds)

  1. How cute, they look adorable, can’t wait to see the wedding cake 🙂

  2. Thanks Roma! Will post some pics when we’re back from our honeymoon! x

  3. They are very cute and happy wedding day 🙂

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  5. do you have the pattern for the blue and white i would like to make for my daughters wedding

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