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New Sewing Machine – Help!


Happy New Year! Hope you all had a lovely New Year’s Eve and that you have a fantastic 2014! (I can now say I’m getting married THIS YEAR – agh!)

So did you get any craft-related presents for Christmas? I did and I’m a bit scared…

My grandparents bought me a dinky little sewing machine, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty nervous about using it.

I’ve always wanted to make a beautiful quilt but I have no idea where to start. I don’t even know if I will be able to make one with the sewing machine I have been bought – that’s how clueless I am! Any help in this area will be very much appreciated please!

Here are a couple pics of my new piece of kit:


Sewing machine

I think once I’ve got a few bits of wedding DIY done I’m going to try and make a simple quilt. Got to walk before I can run, right? If you have any suggestions of something I could try I would really appreciate it. I do like the look of this tutorial, though. Looks like a good place to start:

Would love to know what new craft items you have been given or bought recently. Please let me know in the contact box below – I love a chat 🙂

Kate x


Author: Kate

Editor of craft and lifestyle inspiration site Beak Up Crafts.

24 thoughts on “New Sewing Machine – Help!

  1. it lools lovely! how about trying a simple strip quilt first? they are so pretty and sewing the long pieces together would give you lots if opportunity to get to know your new best friend!

    • Oh that’s a great idea, thank you! I’ve never used a sewing machine before so am a bit worried about keeping it all straight. Practice makes perfect I guess!

      • it does. go slowly, don’t worry too much about keeping it straight, as long as you feed it in straight, the feed dogs (the cog-type things on the base beneath where the needle goes in) will feed it through fairly evenly. Use the guides on the plate under the foot, or the edge of the foot to line up with the edge of your fabric, and away you go!

  2. Looks like a great pattern for a first quilt! Practice your 1/4 inch seams before you start working on it. They are super important when quilting so you can line up your seams. Don’t be scared to use a lot of pins in the beginning too! I am unfamiliar with the brand of machine you got, but as long as it does a straight stitch, that’s all you need to make a quilt top!

    • Thanks so much for your advice and for stopping by my blog! I think I will need to get some practice in! I also need to start collecting bits of material before I can make a start 🙂

      • The fun part! Fabric shopping!!! I’d suggest charm packs because they are a good size, require no cutting to start and come in so many different lines of fabric!

      • I was wondering where the best place to get fabric from is. Been having a look on eBay but saw some packs of square material in my local craft store and thought they might be good for starters. Thanks!

      • There are loads of online retailers. I’m leery of ebay because you don’t know the quality of the fabric until you get it or if it came from a smoking home or not. JoAnn’s is very affordable, but quality is lower. These are a few of my favorite online shops: Hawthorne Threads, Pink Castle Fabric, Marmalade Fabric and Fat Quarter Shop. Been very happy with all my purchases from these shops.

      • Hi Chelsea, thanks so much for suggesting those online shops – will check them out!

  3. The smaller the better to start with because you can be sure to finish and feel good about it plus the throat of the machine is rather small so make it easier on yourself. Plus check on line to see if there is a 1/4″ foot for your machine. They take the guess work out of getting the 1/4″ seam. If not, put a piece of brightly colored tape on the machine where the 1/4″ is if needed. Good luck and have fun with it.

    • Thank you – that’s great advice, especially the bit about the coloured tape. Should I be aiming for any type of material or thickness please? Or would anything do? I’m going to do some testing before I try making anything but if I’m using the wrong type of material to start with I guess it would end up in a big mess! (Yes, this is how clueless I am about quilting!)

  4. You could always make a cushion cover or two before launching into your quilt. That said, quilting isn’t difficult – you’ll be fine. I made an enormous patchwork bedspread when I inherited my great grandmother’s old Singer.

    Enjoy! Be ambitious. Have fun.

  5. Kate – forgot to mention – at the beginning and end of each row of machine stitching, go forwards, then backwards a few stitches and then forwards again to prevent unravelling at a later stage!

  6. You’re getting great advice here and I think that little machine is adorable! My advice is to go to a real fabric store (or, better, a quilt shop) and buy quality fabric, not something from a Michael’s crafts or Walmart sort of place. A quilt can be a LOT of work, enjoyable and satisfying, but work. You want to invest your time in a quality product!

    • Thank you for your help! Yes all the advice is great – I love and really appreciate how everyone is taking time to help me out! I haven’t had time to track down any fabric yet but as soon as I make some headway (or get stuck!) I will post about it!
      Thanks again and fingers crossed one day I will be able to make a quilt as beautiful as yours! x

  7. What a cute little machine. I have no clues about quilting. I just like looking at them 🙂

  8. I have never made a quilt but I do agree with the advice to visit a quilt shop and get good quality fabric. I do a lot of knitting. Nice to meet you, Annie

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