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How to Make… a Love Birds Ring Cushion


Hello everyone and welcome to my first post! I thought I would start off by sharing a project I’ve already completed before I crack on with some new ones on the blog.

If you’ve read my About page you will know that I am getting married in February – not long to go now, I’m so excited!

I have a few small DIY ideas that I’m going to do in the run up to the big day but creating a ring cushion was the first one on my list. I’ve been reading some excellent and really inspirational wedding blogs in the run up to mine and Wayne’s wedding and I was really keen to add a few personal, handmade touches to our day.

With our love of birds, I knew they had to be incorporated somewhere, and I thought the ring cushion was a really good place to start.

I got some inspiration by looking at regular cushions to get some ideas.

I loved the idea of two birds with their beaks together underneath a heart, which is where the rings would be tied with a pretty white ribbon. So off I went…

What I used:

Natural colour fake suede cushion cover
Cardboard (to make the bird shape templates)
Blue material
Blue and white stripy material
Grey wool
Crochet hook (size to match the wool)
White ribbon
Blue and white embroidery thread
Fiberfill stuffing

I won’t go into a lot of details (as I made this before I decided to create a blog so I didn’t take that many photos!) but here goes!

  1. I started off by cutting the cushion cover to size then turned it inside out and stitched the right side up.
  2. I then found a picture of a bird shape I liked on the internet, cut it out and traced it onto cardboard. I used this as a template to cut out two bird shapes from the blue cloth.
  3. I positioned the fabric birds onto the cushion and stitched them in place with the blue embroidery thread.Cushion stage one
  4. The blue and white stripy heart was next, made by folding a piece of fabric in half then cutting a half heart shape to make sure it was identical on both sides. I then stitched this in place using white embroidery thread.heart
  5. For a bit of extra impact (and to give me something to stitch the ribbon to!) I made a small grey crochet heart. I used this really easy to follow pattern here: Small heart crochet pattern
  6. Before stitching the crochet heart onto the cushion, I folded the white ribbon in two and pushed the middle section through the centre hole of the heart. I then stitched this on the under side to make sure it was secure, before stitching the heart on top of the blue and white one.
  7. Almost done! The cushion was then turned inside out and the final edge was stitched apart from a gap of about two inches which was left for stuffing.
  8. I then turned the cushion back the right way round and stuffed it full, before sewing up the gap that was left.

And there you go, the finished ring cushion!

The finished article

The finished article

I hope you have enjoyed reading this. Please let me know what you think!

Kate x


Author: Kate

Editor of craft and lifestyle inspiration site Beak Up Crafts.

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